College Football Tips: CFB Week 4 Odds, Predictions & Best Bets (2023)

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College Capper: Week 4 College Football Betting

College Football Week 4 features a mixed roster, with some schools starting with conference games and others completing their non-conference schedule. There are three ranked games per ranking (Clemson (-7.0/-7.5) at Wake Forest; Tennessee (-10.5) vs. Florida; Texas A&M (-1.5/-2.5) vs. Arkansas) and an interesting PAC -12 unbeaten run against USC traveling to Oregon State for a total of 70. Our college cappers are here to detail their best Week 4 bets below.

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Chris' picks

Fortunately, you are riding the wave at the beginning of the season. Last week was my fourth straight week of earnings and I even got an overall win! If Purdue hadn't completely freaked out in the end, I would have expected a 5-0 week. I'm really going to hang out with some bad underdog teams this week. The former is usually doomed to failure, and my brain doesn't think straight when it comes to dogs. If this week comes... Apparently I'm too hot to play. As such, proceed lightly.

I can't beg you enough to watch the lines on Sunday when they come out. This week's big climbers include Arkansas vs. Texas A&M, which appears to be down 4-5 points, and Utah vs. State of Arizona. Not saying they aren't viable games now, but they were much more viable earlier this week.

Clemson (-7)College Football Tips: CFB Week 4 Odds, Predictions & Best Bets (1)I am Watchwald

I don't like to double-dig right now, as we've shown you some individual glitches in games that have been attributed to this. But it's a game I completed on Monday and I'm surprised the number hasn't changed. I have full confidence that Clemson will dominate both sides. Clemson D and Wake's O are the best units, so we have strength against strength and weakness against weakness. We have to go back to 2011 to find a match between these two that is within the 14 points. It won't be any different.

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Michigan (-16,5)College Football Tips: CFB Week 4 Odds, Predictions & Best Bets (2)contra maryland

Michigan couldn't have played an easier non-conference schedule, so it might take a while to scale. But for four quarters, I'm taking the fullest team to stretch things out because Maryland just isn't making enough stops to keep up. 41, 31, 21, 25, 56, 28; those are Michigan's winning margins in this series since 2015.

Temple (-8.5)College Football Tips: CFB Week 4 Odds, Predictions & Best Bets (3)contra Massachusetts

UMass lost both FBS games 97-20. The Owls were down just 46-14. It's always risky to trust bad teams, but here I am. Temple Fought Rutgers Last Week And I'm Looking For A New Starting QuarterbackE.J. Warner, son of Hall of Famer Kurt Warner. It didn't set the world on fire last week, but it should continue to grow as it gets more repeats. It's a fun angle that might not make sense, so go back to the fact that we can catch Minutemen with less than 10 underdogs.

Tulsa (+21,5)College Football Tips: CFB Week 4 Odds, Predictions & Best Bets (4)in Mississippi

My hunch last week was South Alabama at UCLA, I didn't have the heart to post there and it would have felt prescient if I had. It screams otherwise, but I'll take it out and see where the line goes. If he drops below three touchdowns, no thanks. Ole Miss's defense was excellent, as was his running game. But this looks like a sandwich place. They took to the streets last week to eliminate Georgia Tech and took on Kentucky the following week to open SEC play. Tulsa's offense flies high and QB lowdavis brin, leading the passing nation, and WRKeylon Stokes. You are certainly overwhelmed, but three points can lead to coverage.

Marina (+17)College Football Tips: CFB Week 4 Odds, Predictions & Best Bets (5) in west carolina

(Video) NCAA Group of 5 Best Bets | G5 College Football Week 4 Odds, Predictions & Picks

The Navy is a bad team; They lost to Delaware and were crushed by a Memphis rebuild. How about that for confidence? Additionally, East Carolina was solid against the rush, allowing just 3.2 yards per carry. But the Aspirants option has the number of pirates in this series, regardless of talent level. They won ECU three times in a row with a total of 39 points. That sure seems like a lot for a 17-point dog. ECU might be out for blood, but some lengthy Navy travel would make that number difficult to top.

Last week: 4-1; Season 13-7

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Greg's Choice

Not gonna lie, looks like we've hit a dead end here, that's the bad news. The good news is that this is the first map of the entire season that I really enjoy, having struggled to whittle it down to five games this week. Before we get to this week's tips, a quick look back.

Another 2-3 weeks and honestly I was lucky enough to get two wins so no complaints here. All three losses started when Colorado never played the Gophers - the Gophers can be really good or Colorado can be historically bad, but I don't think both are true. Nevada remained outnumbered against Iowa for most of the game, but Iowa scored late on to overcome what was its second loss. The final loss was another blowout, as Virginia continues to struggle on offense, and combined with a poor Old Dominion offense, the game was never close to over. The wins were exciting, the over in the game against Syracuse seemed dead at halftime and even in the fourth quarter, but an avalanche of points followed in the final minutes and theyOnlyOvercome. Oklahoma's low in the game was the opposite as most of the points came early, so luckily the Sooners called off the dogs and kept the game slightly under numbered.

All lines courtesy of

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SyracuseCollege Football Tips: CFB Week 4 Odds, Predictions & Best Bets (6)-9,5against Va

Syracuse will no doubt be in high demand after their dramatic win over Purdue last Saturday, and while I usually avoid a team with such a big win, I'm back in Syracuse this week for a variety of reasons. First, this is an ESPN game on Friday night, so the Orangemen shouldn't have a problem getting up for this game or focusing on this game. It is also a conference match, which confirms my belief that they will be ready. Second, something is seriously wrong with Virginia's offense this year. Last yearBrennan Armstrongand crew were giants, but that's not the case this season. I thought they were going to part with it last week, but it didn't. Virginia is averaging 17.7 points per game this season against Old Dominion, Illinois and Richmond. Syracuse allows 16.7 points per game and one of them came against a legitimate Louisville offense.

GeorgiaCollege Football Tips: CFB Week 4 Odds, Predictions & Best Bets (7)-44,5against kent

What's going on here? Georgia beat South Carolina away from home by 41 points, and now the Bulldogs are favorites over a MAC team by just 44.5 points? I think that line has a lot to do with the Samford game where Georgia got a 33-0 victory. Georgia can score against 95% of teams in the country, so it's up to them to decide how far the Bulldogs will win. Motivation is key of course and while Samford's result gives me pause it's also a reason to root for them here as they clearly failed to meet their standards in their last home game against a cupcake and I doubt they'll redo this to allow. If we're worried about looking to the future, that's not a problem, as the Bulldogs' conference opener is against Missouri.

WachwaldCollege Football Tips: CFB Week 4 Odds, Predictions & Best Bets (8)+7,5contra clemson

What do we currently know about Clemson? Are we sure the Tigers are significantly better now than any other time last season when they looked deadly? It's true that they looked much better at the end of the season and are 3-0 at the start of this season, but they haven't faced anyone yet. Wake Forest had a solid season and the 'Deacons are also 3-0, but the 'Deacons scared Liberty last week so that line is a touchdown. That fear last week was probably partly because they were thinking about this game and the fact that they survived will only help them this week. There is also a revenge factor at play here because although Wake had a very good season last year, Clemson beat them quite easily and ruined a great season. If Wake wants to be taken seriously, they have to strike back here.

(Video) 6 Sharp, Early Week 4 College Football Bets | CFB Picks & Predictions

North CarolineCollege Football Tips: CFB Week 4 Odds, Predictions & Best Bets (9)-1,5gegen our lady

Just as something is wrong with the Virginia raid, something is wrong with the Notre-Dame raid. The Irish fought back Ohio State in their opener, but the momentum gained from a narrow loss was lost the following week when they lost at home to Marshall. Having the opportunity to fix their ship last week, they got a win against California. Maybe they'll use that to restart the season, but I'm not sure they have the horses to do much this season. North Carolina is not a machine either; the 'Heels are up 3-0, but it hasn't been easy and it's not like they have a tough schedule. With that in mind, the 'Heels will go up to beat Notre Dame and I'm looking forward to their best performance of the season so far.

michigan stateCollege Football Tips: CFB Week 4 Odds, Predictions & Best Bets (10)+3against minnesota

That line really surprised me. I understand that Minnesota has a 3-0 mark and seems to be part of a good team, but it is a favorite as a visitor in the Big 10 against a team from the state of Michigan that did not do much harm, apart from losing a difficult game as a visitor to Washington there last week. ? I expected MSU to be a favorite or maybe a pick, but I didn't see that. Anyway, like I said, the Gophers have been great this season, there's no doubt about that, also the previously incompetent competition is undeniable. You can't put three teams worse, and while they've done everything they've been asked to do, they still haven't faced a real opponent and I think that's catching up with them here. It will be like going from practice speed to game speed for the Gophers, and by the time they catch up to them, it might be too late. This will also be the first team the Chipmunks face that can really slow down their running game. Without it, squirrels are in trouble.

Last week: 2-3-0, this season: 9-9-0

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